When you need
clarity, engagement,
and collaboration

Get experienced
facilitation & sparring

Sometimes you need a rock solid professionality in facilitation, sparring, and collaboration - as well as years of experience in management, leadership, and entrepreneurship. And of course different perspectives of world leading industries, public & non profit organisations, and small start ups. That sounds a bit over the top, doesn't it? But that's what we can bring to you.

We are a global group of senior partners who facilitate and spar with leaders and teams. We have been in quite different situations, both energizing and challenging. We work with a systemic and solution oriented approach.

The core meaning of "to facilitate" is making things easy.
We think "easy" in terms of clear, understandable, and doable. Easy doesn't mean without effort and debate - and it will need your passion, power, and responsibility.

Whenever you want to enable transformation cases, need clarity, need to make decisions in unclear situations, want to enable collaborative learning, or want to get teams engaged and collaborating: take advantage of our experienced facilitation & sparring.

Close your collaboration gap

Our core passion is to enable effective collaboration. We believe that cross-collaboration is key for tackling challenges that society and companies are facing - above all digitalization and climate crisis.

Yes, we know the frameworks and recipes - but we know even more that people are in different situations. For that reason, we create tailor made setups, facilitate and spar with leaders and teams, and enable them to collaborate succesfully.

Based on that, we created a powerful platform for collaboration: DXI - Debate Xchange Inspire. It turned out to be useful inside a company, and as well outside by connecting different companies, organizations, and people.

Interested in closing your collaboration gap? Learn more about DXI in a brief call with us.