Future created
by tension and collaboration

We are a global group of senior partners who facilitate and spar with Leaders and Teams. We combine long-year experience in own management positions, leadership and founding companies - in world leading industries like adidas, Danone and WMF, public and non profit organisations like Goethe-Institut, BMW Foundation and SOS Children's villages and start ups like collectAI, Asset Impact and Urban Heat.

We believe in taking different perspectives as fruitful tensions. Decisions are hardly one-dimensional - they need a professional consideration of why, how and what to find innovative ways for solutions.

This is even more true for the current big challenges of society and companies. To name just the two big ones, we think of climate crisis and digitalization.

This drives our passion for collaboration. We want to make use of our professional abilities and experiences and help shaping a future where all of us can find a good way of life and use their professional roles to create value add for society, people, planet and their companies.

The Partners

Picture Thomas Marschall, Partner Picture of John Juhasz, PartnerPicture of Steffi Wille, Partner
Thomas Marschall
Partner, Founder, German.

Thomas specializes in synthesizing different interests into clear and comprehensive conclusions and commitments.

Committed and proven entrepreneur and facilitator. 25+ years facilitation, top management, strategy, business innovation, Digital Transformation, IT-Structuring and cross-collaboration experience in Social Profit and Private sector.
John Juhasz
Partner, Founder, American.

John specializes in providing clarity in team's and executive's roles and strategies thus enabling clear decision making and path forward.

Experienced cross-functional corporate executive. 20+ years sporting industry: Nike, adidas, Reebok. Global reach with focus on US, Europe, and Asia. Change professional and facilitator.
Stephanie Wille
Partner, German.

Steffi specializes in change management, starting at the single person’s role and helping build a powerful team based on partnership.

Experienced in development cooperation as well as change processes in corporations. 15+ years empowering and facilitating change and collaboration, especially cross-functional teams in international relations.
Sarah Stephany
Partner, German.

Sarah specializes in strengthening teams through trustful and productive collaboration, while enabling multiple perspectives and self-organization.

Leadership coach and organizational development expert. 15+ years facilitating team and organizational challenges. Deep insight in large corporations in Private sector.
Steffen Kiefer
Partner, French.

Steffen specializes in change management, supporting cross functional teams to take ownership of the to be and paving the journey to destination.

Experienced in transforming finance processes to adapt to growth and digitization, he facilitates collaboration, empowering finance and non-finance teams to design a shared path forward.

The Partner's Experiences

Private & Commercial Sector

Social Profit & Public Sector

ADAC, adidas, Bayer Material Science, BMG Group, BMW BKK, Boston Consulting Group, Continental, collectAI, Danone, Dräxlmaier Group, Die ZEIT, Generali, Infraserv Hoechst, ISS oekom, KPMG, Münchner Bank, msg Life, Nike, Reebok, Siemens Healthineers, Strategic Leadership, The Fabricant, WWK Insurance, Ubilabs, Unicredit, WMF Group,  Hua Feng 华峰集团 and others.

BMW Foundation, Deutsche Welthungerhilfe, German Red Cross, German Olympic Sports Federation, Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf, Goethe Institut, Medecins sans frontieres, IHK Chamber of Commerce for Munich, SOS Children's Villages, Stiftung Pfennigparade, The Johanniter, University of Arts Berlin, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University and others.