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A cross-collaboration platform

DXI - Debate, Xchange, Inspire. That’s the platform we developed based on our experiences with our clients and partners. One key success element in tackling challenges is cross-collaboration between different roles, teams, and organisations. One would think that collaboration happens naturally. It does not.

With DXI, we created a platform where cross-collaboration can happen easily and effectively. We design and facilitate specific setups that connect different people, teams, and organisations. Debate Xchange Inspire ultimately enables them in finding ways to tackle challenges they are facing.

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We discovered that DXI can be beneficial using different approaches such as internally within one organisation and as well externally with different companies.

DXI 60 opens 60 minutes debate and inspiration - one example is "Young meet experienced professionals", where 12 young professionals meet 8 experiened focussed on specific topics, where they learn and share knowledge.

DXI Classic offers powerful 3 hours on a specific topic. The internal version connects a number of different teams or departments. In the external version up to 16 people from up to eight companies meet - each company can send 2 participants.

DXI Festivals enable a larger number of participants on 1-3 days solving each other's concrete challenges cross-collaborative with different perspectives.

DXI Series
empowers a peer group to inspire and develop collaborative solutions and their own roles and competencies in several appointments over a period of 6-12 months.

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Use or build - but connect!

DXI is a open platform, which includes our experience at every level. You can use our facilitation, collaboration design competence and toolbox. Or just some of it and build own DXIs using our platform.

The platform will allow you to connect to other companies, persons and experiences. Let's find your tailored solution.

Current open DXI events

The next upcoming open DXI events on invitation basis will be

DXI60-special "young meet experienced professionals" on Digital Transformation on wednesday, October 20th at 18:00 CET.

DXI classic on Data Driven Decisions on wednesday, November 23rd from 09:00 to 12:00 CET

If you want to attend, need more information or need a tailor-made DXI, just contact us. Thanks!