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A collaboration platform

DXI - Debate Xchange Inspire

DXI ultimately enables finding ways to tackle challenges, fosters collaborative learning and helps building a trustful network.

Why DXI? Because we believe that cross-collaboration is key for current transformations. Be it building up a productive dialogue and feedback culture, tackling digitization or get serious about your offense towards climate crisis - or your specific need.

DXI - Debate, Xchange, Inspire
. That’s the cross-collaboration platform we have developed based on our experiences with clients and partners. A key success element in tackling challenges we found is cross-collaboration between different roles, teams, and organisations. One would think that collaboration happens naturally. It does not.

With DXI, we created a platform where collaboration can happen easy and effectively. We design and facilitate specific setups that connect different people, teams, and organisations and make use of different perspectives.

DXI Circles are the core element. This is where we connect either people from different companies and organizations or from different departments or divisions within one company or organization.

At DXI Festivals people from several circles and also other guests debate, xchange and inspire with different perspectives and approaches regarding challenges and topics.

The DXI Transformation Case uses Circles and Festivals in Change projects within an organisation as a powerful although easy-to-handle frame to achieve open communication and commitment connecting the different parties. Additionally we can establish a circle of Transformation fellows internally to run the frame with less external support and get more ownership in your organisation.


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